Gaming Chair Buyers Guide - Everything You Need To Know!

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PC games vs console games is a debate that has been going on since the first Playstation 1 gaming console. Are console controllers easier to use for certain games? Are keyboards easier to use for other games (eg. real time strategy games) an the truth be told that different consoles/PC setups are better for certain games. 

One thing however most gamers can agree on is that a high quality, ergonomic gaming chair is important for any setup. Most gamers spend a lot of time sitting in front of their screens. This means that if you have a subpar chair then it will not only get uncomfortable over time but it can also lead to injuries, especially as you get older. 

Ergonomics are important and it is a real thing! A good ergonomic gaming chair like our Kirogi chairs here at will mean that you are comfortable for hours on end (although it is recommended to take a break every 45 minutes or more) but it also means that you will not be sitting in positions that you should not be in for extended periods.

Sitting for long periods whether you are gaming or not is not good for your health and that is a fact. Try getting out of your car after a 2 hour drive and you can see what we mean! So what should you look for when buying a gaming chair..we bet there are a few things that you have not thought of whilst shopping for the best gaming chair for your needs.

The top 3 things we would recommend when shopping for a gaming chair are the following:

1. Base Width:

gaming chair base

Yes a lot of people do not think of this one but it is really important. You need a base that is wide enough for you to sit comfortably in, especially if you are a bigger persons. For example our Kirogi Spider gaming chair has a 55cm wide base which is wider than a standard office chair (usually around 50cm in width). This means that you can rest your legs without them pushed in by the sides of the chair.  

2. Lumbar Support:

This can mean two things. The first one is a lumbar pillow to give your lower back the support it needs. In most cases this pillow can be removed. The second thing is that the back of the chair is of ergonomic design emulating the shape of your spine. 

 3. Armrest Height:

Another feature that is often over looked when buying a new gaming chair is the armrests. These should be adjustable so that you can rest your arms on the armrests without the need to slouch down. This takes a lot of pressure off of your shoulders and upper back. If your arms are not sitting correctly on the armrests, this can lead to issues in your upper back and traps down the road.


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