How is a gaming chair different to a normal office chair?

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This is something that we get asked quite a bit and something that we are happy to answer in this post for the good of all our users. Who would have known that getting the right chair is so important for your life and that is no exaggeration! If you are working from home or a big time gamer then the chances are that you are spending hours each day sitting in a chair. This affects everything from your health to your mental health. Sitting in the wrong type of chair can lead to bad posture and even injuries. Many people report knots in their back which eventually become so bad than they can only work for short periods at a time. In this sense you can see how this really has an effect on your life.

So it is not all about comfort when shopping for the right chair for your needs. Of course you can get a comfortable chair that is also healthy for your spine and designed with a healthy posture in mind. This is why it is so important to get a chair that you can adjust the height of not just the chair but also the arm rests and the back of the chair itself. Our Kirogi Spider chairs for example also come with lumbar support pillows and a neck support pillow. A standard office chair usually would not have this option. 

Our ergonomic gaming chairs come with lumbar support also come with a super wide base so that you can sit comfortably especially if you are on the wider side. Everything is adjustable on our chairs including the height, armrests, backrest, neck pillow and lumbar support pillow. These pillows can be removed if need be. The dimensions are very important as if you are not sitting with your feet flat on the floor it can lead to issues down the line such as tight hips and bad posture.

These are just some of the differences between a gaming chair and an office chair. Not to mention that our gaming chairs look super cool! Check out the product descriptions for more information on each model of chair and thanks for reading!


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