Ireland's Work From Home/Gaming Chair Revolution

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With level 5 going on a lot longer than anyone would have imagined or thought possible we are now into our fourth month of level 5 restrictions. As this is our third lockdown here in Ireland we are all spending most of our time at home as instructed and that means spending much more time seated whether it be for working, playing computer games or watching TV.

With most of the nation now working from home where possible It is now more important than ever to not only have a comfortable work from home setup and one that will not only be comfortable but also healthy for your body. Spending hours on end in front of a computer is no ones idea of a great time but it has to be done for the time being. By investing in a comfortable and healthy work from home setup you can make the most of your time at home and get the most out of your work. Check out our best selling Kirogi Spider gaming chair on the homepage


If you are sitting for hours at the kitchen table in a normal chair not only will you not feel comfortable but you could also end up with injuries to your back, shoulder or neck by not sitting with proper posture and by not having the correct support for your back. We here are gaming chairs Ireland are doing our best to bring you the latest Kirogi gaming chair models so that you can get a top of the range gaming chair for those many hours sitting in front of the computer whether it be for work or gaming or even just watching TV. 

 You will be amazed at how comfortable our chairs are (no seriously check out our reviews) and you can sit in them for hours without getting pain in your shoulders or neck as you would with non ergonomic chair designs. That is not to say we recommend sitting in any chair for hours on end as this is clearly not healthy. You should always take a break every 45 minutes and go for a quick walk around the house or outside if possible to stretch out the body.

Whilst working from home always sounded great in the past, it is fair to say many people are now sick of it. A nice balance of a few days going into the office and 1/2 days at home seems to be the ideal setup that most people are now thriving for. One good thing to come out of this pandemic is that employees will have more flexibility when it comes to working from home when this is all over. These lockdowns have catapulted us into the future of working from home and employers trusting their employees. In saying that lets hope that we are out of this lockdown soon! You can also check out our top tips for shopping for a gaming chair


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