Cordless Vacuums

Sick of dragging your vacuum around the house and constantly moving plugs just so you can vacuum your home? With a cordless vacuum you have freedom from annoying cords and won't have to plug and unplug your machine just so you can get around the house. Cordless vacuums are super lightweight and very easy to use and they will also allow you get at hard to reach places. All of our cordless vacuums can also be easily adjusted with the click of a button to become a handheld vacuum which is great for cleaning pet hairs or cleaning your car.

What is a cordless vacuum?

The cordless vacuum has become a must have in many homes and offices. They are super easy to use, lightweight and portable. Our cordless vacuums can also be easily emptied with a 1 click empty button and there is no need for disgusting vacuum bags as all the dust is held in the vacuum itself until emptied. Our vacuums come with multiple heads so you can get at those hard to reach places and can even use them to vacuum your vehicle. 

Our cordless vacuums are of course battery operated and can be recharged from a docking station that you can hang on your wall. 

What to look for when shopping for a cordless vacuum:

When shopping for a cordless vacuum some of the main things you should keep in mind are running time (as they run on a battery), suction power and weight so that you are not carrying around a heavy vacuum.  We stock a small range of the best cordless vacuums in their respective pricing brackets. Rather than having a huge range we thought it best to find the best few vacuums on the market at the best prices which makes your job shopping for them much easier. 

Check out our range of cordless vacuums and if you need any help just send us an email and we will get back to you within 1 working day. 

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